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Written/ Edited by Vanessa Liao 2011/07/19

Established in 1981, Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise has dedicated itself to rubber industry for 30 years. Nowadays, Yuanyu is a specialist in producing unique and complicated custom molded rubber products. Being certified by ISO-9001, its products are with high quality, conforming to RoHS compliant. Besides, the excellent equipments Yuanyu invested such as the new 2.5D vision measuring system and XRF X-Ray analysis machine provide stable quality of products to customers and increase company’s competitiveness at the same time.

As a professional manufacturer of rubber products, Yuanyu Rubber Enterprise Co. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing custom molded rubber products of any shapes, sizes or materials. Starting at producing motor and machine rubber molding parts in 1981, Yuanyu never stops expanding its business and keeps carrying on its permanent operation. For instance, since the electronic industry develops rapidly, Yuanyu increases Electronic related rubber products to its production lists. Due to its continuous efforts on quality service and reliable products, Yuanyu has gained customers’ trust and fine reputation.

  The Diversity in Custom Molded Rubber Products

Yuanyu assists customers to produce custom products through the whole manufacturing process from material selection, designing suggestion, molds development, and production. The varieties of rubber product materials include Rubber dust boots, Air intake hoses, Rubber to metal bonding, Rubber Bushings, Rubber buffers, Rubber bumpers, Shock absorber rubber parts, Rubber gaskets, Rubber grommets, Diaphragms, O-Rings, Seals, Packings, Keypads, Rubber feet, Adhesive backed rubber parts, Thermoplastic elastomer parts, and Liquid silicone parts (LSR). As a consequence, with the comprehensive product materials, Yuanyu spreads its markets throughout the world, including Taiwan, South-East Asia, North-East Asia, North America and Europe. Furthermore, by offering injection molding, liquid silicone injection molding, transfer molding and compression molding rubber products, Yuanyu’s rubber products can be applied to different fields such as automotive, electronics, machinery, medical, appliance, construction, military, sports gears and consumer products. In a nutshell, its specialty centres on supplying customized products in custom materials, unique or difficult mold releasing forms, finishes, etc. The capability of manufacturing complicated custom products, that is what makes Yuanyu Rubber excel in the rubber industry.

  Thorough Equipments for Quality Control and Production

In order to maintain its competitiveness in the marketplace, Yuanyu values the quality of its products most. Accordingly, Yuanyu has complete and precise examining machines, which includes XRF X-Ray analysis for RoHS, Digital densimeter, Digital hardness measurement, Digital tension meter, Ozone tester chamber, Rotorless rheometer, Aging oven tester, Oil bath tester and Carbon Black Dispersion. These examining machines has lift Yuanyu’s quality management to a higher level. With the purpose of measuring larger parts, it also brought a new 2.5D vision measuring system in May, 2011. This new investment has broadened Yuanyu’s horizon, improving their capability in manufacture more and better custom molded products. In addition, because the request of green product from customers becomes prevalent, Yuanyu develops green policy so as to fit the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Standard (RoHS). According to RoHS directive, there are restrictions about the use of six toxic and hazardous substances; therefore, Yuanyu uses the XRF X-Ray analysis machine to measure the amount of these harmful substances. Only by doing so can Yuanyu confirm that all raw materials, packagings, and additives used for manufacturing products do not contain these substances over limit.

In addition to having complete testing devices, Yuanyu is also equipped with such fine automatic machines as Rubber injection molding machine, Vacuum compression molding machine, Nitrogen de-flashing machine, and so forth. By continuously improving its equipments and technique, Yuanyu is capable of increasing production output, reducing production cost, and delivering goods before due date.

  All Win Situations between Customers, Employees, and Yuanyu Rubber

As to the aspect of customer service, to fulfill and satisfy customer needs has always been Yuanyu’s final goal; as a result, never accept, produce, and outflow defective products are its quality guides. Owing to the unceasing dedication to this policy, it earns commendations from customers again and again. Most important of all, Yuanyu is an ISO-9001:2008 certified enterprise, for the operative concepts of Yuanyu is truly followed by its members. Sticking to the principles and policy of ISO-9001, it keeps developing products with resistant quality to the customers.

As for the employees and company, Yuanyu owns a harmonious working environment, which motivates its workers to create a collaborate atmosphere, ensuring an effective achievement in teamwork. Not only dose Yuanyu’s corporate culture keep it grow, but reinforce the competitiveness as well. With continually challenging itself for better quality, Yuanyu is going to become one of the most noted custom rubber manufacturers in the world.

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