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By Natasha Lin 2007/07/18

ptical fiber coupler machine, splitterChunghwa Telecom Co. has recently planed to invest 60 billion dollars on the Optical Fiber Communication Networks development in the next five years. It called Optical Generation Plan and aim to build optical fiber framework replaced copper wire communications. This new plan will allow the users to dramatically increase the speed and bandwidth. Additionally, Japanese NTT Communications provides GEPON since year 2004 and Beijing China 2008 Olympic Games. There is no doubt that OFC technology is on the way to its important milestone, particularly with features aimed at FTTH (Fiber to The Home). This surge is a boon to Taiwanese application OFC manufacturers. However, the field had a really difficult time few years ago.

Core-Tech Optical Co., Ltd (Core-Tech) provides innovative fiber solutions to the optical-fiber communications industry. The company is rather young in the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) industry which first found in July 2002. However, the President Shu Sen Tieh is well known in the field of LED, optical communications and lighting. He served as the Manager of Opto-Electronic & Systems Laboratories (OES) at ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) for 22 years.

All admired Mr Tieh's courage to enter the field during the OFC's great depression, while many manufactures had seceded from the field or had huge loss on their investment even need to load from the bank. However Mr Tieh firmly believed the new technology G-PON or E-PON will revolute the telecommunications industry and play a major role in the advent of the Information Age. "I strongly believed the optical fiber communication would lead the next generation, especially its key element splitter would yield unusually brilliant results. I was sure this is right direction!" Mr Tieh continues "the worst is the best! We enter the field without investment huge equipments. This benefit allows us spending more time on R&D."

Mr Tieh's out of ordinary opinion leads Core-Tech toward success.The company is now regarded as one of the only seven providers for the 1x4 fused-coupler in mass production by using designed optical fiber coupler machine in the world. It is also the exclusive professional manufacturer in Taiwan. Now, Core-Tech provides world class manufacturing techniques excellence in short lead times and competitively priced products while meeting or exceeding the most stringent quality standards. Besides being trusted for its product's reliability, Core-Tech is also acknowledged as an excellent product designer. In order to serve its customer better, Core-Tech introduces 3-in-1 multi functional optical fiber coupler machine, which can be used for R&D design, engineer testing and operator tasks. Not only does this user friendly reduce the operators training time to less than two weeks, it also can couple various splitters faster and stable. Core-Tech's current main product range includes single-window fused splitter (1X2, 1X3, 1X4, 3X3, 1X8, 1x16/32 2x24,and 1x64), Single mode dual-window fused splitter (1X2, 1X3, 1X4, 3X3, 1X8, 1x12,1x16/32 and 1x64),WDM, Fiber coupler/Splitter module/Sub-system, and Other optical passive component -OEM/ODM.

Mr Tieh pointed out there is still many challenges for the OFC industry and the government can do a lot to encourage this industry. As a predecessor of the field, Mr Tieh is willing to share his well experiences. On the other hand, Core-Tech expects to broaden its market base with the addition of these special types products and seek partnerships. In fact there are several well known Taiwanese and international companies invest already.

ptical fiber coupler machine, splitter

Our international customers was surprised that we are able to provide 100,000 1X4 Fused-coupler within 10months. Even more astonished that all splitters reach the standard test, such as, hot conduction test, stability test and shockproof test.

In fact, all our products before leave the laboratory has past 500 hours test and ensure their 2000 hours life time.

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Core-Tech Optical Co., Ltd., provides innovative fiber solutions to the optical-fiber communications industry. It is now one of the only seven provider for the optical fiber coupler machine in the world. The following below are 5 Top Hot Products. Please click on one of the picture or text link for more information.

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