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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/08/13

As always bring visitor surprise at the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA), Pai Lung is ready to make another world-recorder achievement for knitting technology this year.

In 2005, launched new knitting machinesIn 2005, launched new knitting machine Kintel series at ITMA ASIA Singapore, Pai Lung denim fabric making. This advanced innovation not only introduces a new application in knitting but establishes Pai Lung's name as a leading knitting machine manufacture. As attend the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) in Munich of Germany in September 2007, Pai Lung announces the theme of display as "Time to Solution" and presents eleven knitting machinesknitting machines include Upgraded "Knitel Series" and Brand New "A Series" with a concept combines fashion and function.

“We aim to emphasize a great value of our knitting machine for various textile production and provide better quality of products.” Pai Lung President James C.C. Wang said.

In highlighting four categories of fabric include Denim, Suede, Corduroy and Soft shell on display, Pai Lung arranges fashion shows to present four fabric collections of dress in use of knitting technology, even service personnels wear knitted suede uniform.

Pai Lung demonstrates various fabrics applied to daily life style, five window displays include urban life, athletics, Life style, intimacy and home textile. In particular, urban life focuses on fabric design of formal dress such as Pai Lung unique knitted suit, also shows wide range of sports apparel with bodymap features. Visitors are also welcomed experience the feeling of one hundred twenty rolls of different fabrics.

According to new improvements, the upgraded "Knitel Series" was developed from high speed X series and Ultra High Speed machines released in 2003. this series was equipped with user friendly control, high volume production ability and optimized features. Its components comprise needles and sinkers are well supplied from Europe, Japan and Taiwan in order to quality assurance. The frame of machines is able to sustain heavy load of Pai Lung fabric rolling model (45”in diameter) with oil bath bearing design. Take up system also adapts to standard multistage reeling and motor reeling apparatus, and different winding units such as folding, open-width and high-legs design models are provided depends on customer's requests. Knitel series include Single jersey four track knitting machine, Single knit electronic fishnet jacquard knitting machine, Single jersey four track floating plaiting knitting machine and interlock (2+4 track) knitting machine.

Single jersey four track floating plaiting knitting machine-PL-KSFP(B), it can produce indigo denim knitted fabric with density of 320~420g/m. This fabric looks almost the same as woven jeans in appearance, but has high air permeability and great elasticity.

Pai Lung broke Germen recorder with an annual capacity of over eighteen hundred machines last year, it leads Pai Lung from the third biggest knitting machine manufacturer into the first place of the world. It has also achieved UK SGS Company ISO-9001 and Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprise Top Awards.

Pai Lung has received patent rights of knitting technology over twenty countries in the world, products include first invented single jersey six color striper machine, as well as float plaiting knitting machine, double jersey direct shearing terry machine, double jersey machine with sinker ring,and double face terry jacquard machine. The variety of cloth applications from general apparels, hi-tech industrial, to aerospace.

“Innovation is our core competitive edge in facing global market, we never stay as a machine manufacturer but regard ourself as a guide of fashion trend, our consistent commitment is to develop new fabric and machines to satisfy more customers' need.” Mr. Wang said in confidence.

  • 1995 "Electronic Jacquard Machine" introduced in Milan.
  • 1999 "Double Face Terry with Electronic Jacquard" promoted in Paris.
  • 2003 "Ultra High Speed Machine Models" presented in Birmingham.
  • 2005 "Knitel Series" announced in Singapore.
  • 2007 "Knitel Series" and "A series" promoted in Munich.

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