Kingdom Knights: A Refreshing Look at Social Games

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Edited by Deborah Chang 2013/05/02

Facebook games are typically simple and tasks oriented, inevitably, players will soon discover they got bored easily with the never changing rules and repeating tasks.

Userjoy technology is proudly presents “Kingdom Knights” for players who were searching for more in-depth, challenging, user friendly and more importantly, aesthetically designed social RPG / SLG in Facebook.

A Well-Polished Flavor

The Sphere World in the Kingdom Knights illustrates an unprecedented and magnificent overlooking view of its townscape. With beautiful Japanese Anime style characters, scenery design, and collective motif of the ‘Medieval Age’ and the ‘Chivalry and Dragons’. The atmosphere of this fantasy world is also one of the key features of the game.

Simple but Fascinating Battle

When it comes to combat gameplay, it is difficult to satisfy both causal and hardcore players. However, the Kingdom Knights has dedicated to overcome the barrier and meet the need of all players.

When in the battle mode, each combat unit consists it’s own strengths and weaknesses status and players will soon find out that there are still many factors such as level of weapon, equipment upgrade, mercenaries recruit, new skills, allies reinforcement, tactics items, army positions and etc.; elements that would affect the battle result are waiting for players to discover throughout the game.

Getting too complicated? Maybe, but to take care of all players of different ages, the Kingdom Knights provides a comprehensive voice narration to guide player step by step throughout the gameplay.

Devil in the Details

Like most typical social games, there is a limitation of energy for how many actions players can actually make in one round and which may vary from one to another to create simple but the same time challenging and indulging strategic gameplay.

Noticeably, the Kingdom Knights has increased the level of strategic elements in the game more than any other does, which is undoubtedly a challenge for an online social game for now. However, Userjoy technology believes as the development of social game continues and increasing number of online players, it is an inevitable path for every game developer to develop higher quality, better visual design and in-depth social game in order to attract more game players in the future.

Userjoy technology has extracted the key essence of classic role-playing and simulation games into the Kingdom Knight along with refined visuals design that fits nicely in the Facebook social game. All these efforts make the Kingdom Knights a game worth trying out.

* Recommend running on Google Chrome for best performance. For Firefox users, the installations of NoScript Kit and Javascript plug-ins are required.

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