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Electronic Metal Stamping

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As a professional manufacturer of metal stamping products, the parts made by AJATO is widely used in automobile, laptop, military and so on. The Electronic Metal Stamping is one of the most efficient method to make the products with precision and light weight.


Electronic Metal Stamping

Electronic Metal Stamping

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Metal stamping is the process of shaping and cutting metals into specific forms. It is utilized in producing components for structures and large pieces of machinery, and used to mold metal sheets into particular shapes, such as cans or cookware. Unlike deep drawing, Electronic metal stamping is well known as the cost effective way to manufacture many different items on the large scale.

AJATO has had many experiences of electronic metal stamping for a long time. Not only standard parts but customized parts is always recommended and welcomed by our consumers. In addition, every precision metal stamping job, including electronic and automobile, is our opportunity to meet customers’ satisfactions and expectations.

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Metal Stamping, EMI Clips Gasket, Automobile Metal Stamping, Finger Stock, Electronic Metal Stamping, EMI Clip, Frames & EMI Shielding, Terminal & Hinge, RF Connector

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