Weld Metal

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All weld metals are meticlously packaged in individual moisture proof foil packs.

The starting material is filled in a separate plastic tube and packed together with the weld metal in each foil pack to minimize spillage loss and unignitable situation. Use of  water proof foilpacks increases shelf life and transportation convenience for operators.

Each Box contains 10 or 20 foil packs depending on the size of the weld metal, Type A weld metal is mostly applied in connections of copper wires, bars and their connection to grounding rods. Type B weld metal is genearlly used for rail bonding connection.  Type C weld meatl is used for the connections with cast iron components. 

CP type weld metal is formulated specially for cathodic protection applications. Different type of weld metals are distinguished by marking letter "A", "B:, "C" and "CP" on the foil pack.

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Exothermic Welding,Electrical connections,Rail Bonding,Grounding/Earthing Equipment,Protection Systems Consultation,Testing and Design,Technical Support,On site installation

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