Founded in 1995, is a professional designer and manufacturer of good-quality electronic scales, precision instruments and weighing systems in Taiwan. Endeavoring over 15 years,has established a reliable reputation in providing digital scales and weighing equipments in both domestic and international markets. dominates the market of price computing scales in Taiwan as well.

  In order to offer wide product range and burst production capacity to fully support our customers’ weighing requests, Leadway Scales Co., Ltd. is established in Xiamen, Fujian Province by its headquarters, and support and supply a wide range of digital scales from pocket scales, balances, OIML & EC type approved tabletop scales, bench scales, indicators, crane scales, to industrial floor scales for our distributors throughout the world. and offer a good source of excellent scales and balances with reliable quality, accurate weighing performance and trusty technical back-up at reasonable prices for commercial and industrial weighing use. Additionally, most of our products are ready to be approved legal for trade with OIML & EC type-approval certificates. With our most flexible and cooperative possibilities, and are confident to offer our customers with suitable and dependable support meeting your weighing needs.

  In order to well control the quality of production process, LEADWAY’s headquarters in Taiwan,, assigns a Taiwanese QC Group to control the whole process of materials purchasing, production, finished-products inspection, and packaging for supplying worldwide partners with fine scales under reliable and trusty quality.

  To satisfy growing expectations and demands in weighing field, Our R & D team department, led by our G.M., is always proceeding with developing various new models and enlarging our production volume, which is always our main orientation to keep on improving or innovating our product range for providing our customers with proper and precise weighing solutions. and will keep on servicing global partners with proper and precise weighing solutions! Be our reliable clients and enjoy our weighing services, we will do more than your expectation!!

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