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The Pneumatics Valve manufacturer Mindman provides excellent service and has received positive feedbacks for its products from clients everywhere. Mindman is committed to the research and development to offer even more accurate and reliable pneumatics sgauage for internal combustion engines.

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Model MACP200L MACP200L
Components MAFR200L, MAL200L MAFR200L, MAL200L
Bore No. 6A 8A
Port Size PT 1/8 PT 1/4
Medium Air Air
Operating Pressure Range 0 ~ 9.9 kgf/cm² (0 ~ 0.99MPa) 0 ~ 9.9 kgf/cm² (0 ~ 0.99MPa)
Proof Pressure 15 kgf/cm² (1.5MPa) 15 kgf/cm² (1.5MPa)
Regulation Pressure Range 0.5 ~ 8.5 kgf/cm² (0.05 ~ 0.85MPa) 0.5 ~ 8.5 kgf/cm² (0.05 ~ 0.85MPa)
Ambient Temperature -5 ~ +60°C (No Freezing) -5 ~ +60°C (No Freezing)
Filtration Standard: 40 µ m, Option: 5 µ m Standard: 40 µ m, Option: 5 µ m
Lubricating Oil Capacity 35c.c 35c.c
Min. Flow for Oil Drip 35 l/min 50 l/min
Recommended Lubricating Oil Turbine Oil ISO-VG32 Turbine Oil ISO-VG32
Attachment Pressure Gauge, T-Type Bracket Pressure Gauge, T-Type Bracket
Weight 380g 380g
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