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Pneumatic System

Product ID: MVSC-220
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Mindman Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan-based supplier and manufacturer of pneumatic products such as pneumatic systems, pneumatic cylinder and other related products. With the qualified pneumatic system made by Mindman, it could be helpful in raising the efficiency of production line.


Pneumatic System

Pneumatic System

Pneumatic systems use air to power various systems.

Pneumatic systems use compressed air in installations such as plants and factories due to the abundant amount of supply that can be made by compressing atmospheric air. Atmospheric air in these installations usually contains no moisture and along with small quantity of oil added at the compressor, mechanical components can be lubricated and avoiding corrosion.

Additionally, Pneumatic systems in large buildings or complexes are used to control the air handling systems, the HVAC. Control systems decide which system valves to actuate and they are operated by pneumatics.

Please feel free to contact us for further details on our pneumatic systems.

Property For Explosion-Proof Type Anti-Explosion Class: EEx m II T4 Voltage: AC110V, 220V, (50/60)Hz, DC24V Power Consumption: AC4.4VA, DC=5W Available Voltage Range: ±10% Insulation Class: F Class Features:
.Branded Product

Model MVSC-220-3E1, E2 MVSC-220-4E1, E2 MVSC-220-4E2C.P.R
Bore No. 8A 8A 8A
Port Size PT 1/4 PT 1/4 PT 1/4
No. of Port 3 5 5
No. of Position 2 2 3
Medium Air Air Air
Operating Pressure Range 2 ~ 7 kgf/cm² 2 ~ 7 kgf/cm² 3 ~ 7 kgf/cm²
Proof Pressure 10 kgf/cm² 10 kgf/cm² 10 kgf/cm²
Effective Orifice 18 mm² 18 mm² 16 mm²
Response Time 30 ms 30 ms 40 ms
Ambient Temperature -5 ~ +50°C (No Freezing) -5 ~ +50°C (No Freezing) -5 ~ +50°C (No Freezing)
Voltage AC110V, 220V (50/60)Hz, DC24V AC110V, 220V (50/60)Hz, DC24V AC110V, 220V (50/60)Hz, DC24V
Power Consumption AC=6/4.9VA, DC=2.5W AC=6/4.9VA, DC=2.5W AC=6/4.9VA, DC=2.5W
Available Voltage Range ±10% ±10% ±10%
Insulation Grade F Class F Class F Class
Weight 203,296g 222, 313g 421g

Main Products:
Pneumatic Valve, Pneumatic F.R.L / Air Unit, Pneumatic Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinders

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