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LED Driver Circuit

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LED Driver Circuit

Product ID: HPD007-F7040

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The LED driver circuit is manufactured in SOCC’s product line. Available with customized services, it can be modified to meet various requirements form all kinds of customers.  With regards of factors and feature set, the modifications to standard LED driver circuit includes change of board size and shape, customer’s choice of connectors, encapsulation for operation in harsh conditions, and putting your own brand of the product label.

The product has many specific features, helpful to customers’ product lines to enhance their efficiency. The device is with constant current output to maintain its stable performance. With the adjustable output current, the LED driver circuit ensures users to make detailed modification. Easy-to-drive high power LEDs in series are connected to the device. Also, we developed open/short protection to protect the device form unnecessary harms. The item is CE certificated (this is optional); hence, you can see its genuine quality.

We recommend you to integrate our device for indoor and outdoor/non-isolated configuration. Further questions and inquiries about LED driver circuit are out of question welcomed. Contact with us, and we can give you more.

Input Voltage C90~264V C90~264V
Input Frequency 50~60Hz 50~60Hz
Output Voltage Range 20~40V 20~40V
Output Current Range(adjustable) 100~700mA (Please Do Not Over Limit @700mA) 100~700mA (Please Do Not Over Limit @700mA)
Output Power(Max.) 28W 28W
White LED in Series(Min.~Max.) 6~10pcs 6~10pcs
Operating Temperature -20°C~50°C  
Input Cable/ Output Cable AWG 26(Red/Red) / AWG26(Red+ Black-) AWG 26(Red/Red) / AWG26(Red+ Black-)
Dimensions 60mm(D)*28mm(H) 60mm(D)*28mm(H)
Certified CE / FCC  

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