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Fish Cage

Product ID: Fish Cage - HDPE Bracked

Fish Cage / Cage Farming System

Pioneer Fish Cage can be used with various water environments, such as lake, river or sea. Our fish cage is suitable for intensive farming. Pioneer Fish Cage is design for easy installation and durable life.
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Function :
*Can be used in various water environments including lake, sea and river...etc.
*Suitable for intensive farming.

*Suitable for different species, such as Tilapia, Japanese Sea Bream, Goldlined Sea Bream, Cobia, Greater Amberjack, Blue-Banded Sea Perch, Spangled Emperor (Sand Snapper, Parrot-Fish), Snappers, Yellow-Wax Pampano, Orange-Spotted Grouper, Red Drum, Catfish, Striped bass, Bluegill sunfish, Crappie, Carp...etc.
Characteristics :
*Easy installation.
*Low costing and investment.
*Designed with a concentration on the long life span.
*With minimum maintenance cost and corrosion resistant design.

*Most of the accessories are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with strict quality control.
*Heavy duty unique "Injection-Moulded" HDPE 80 Bracket gives more sturdy quality.
*Floating Pipe made of HDPE 80 to provide safe & stable working environment to the workers and offer excellent ductility.
*Heavy gauge Handrail Pipe made of HDPE 100 to resist deformation and offer excellent strength.
*Harvesting can be more simplified & efficient.
*Optimum choices and sizes ranging in "Round" and "Square" shape available depending on request & site conditions.

  • Improved Safety
    • Reduced point load on the net.
    • Full control while hoisting the net and minimum risk for propeller damages.
    • Increased net volume at "High Energy"sites.
  • Good Environment Control
    • Opens net meshes to its maximum and gives a taut net, which again causes less fouling and increased flow throughout the cage.
    • A "Constant"cylindrical net volume reduces the risk of wounds and stress during the bad weather or strong currents.
  • Simplified Cleaning
    • Easy washing when using brushes/flushing or divers. (The fish should be left undisturbed at a lower level.)
    • Drying of the net can be done without changing its cylindrical shape.
  • Square Cage Available
    • Can be used for on-growing of various species including cod, salmon, trout and bream.
    • Can be used as harvesting cages.
  • Mooring System
    • Consultancy & installation service with significant competence in the fields of mooring can be provided at request.
  • Stainless Steel Net Hook
    • Made of # 316 Stainless Steel with excellent acid and alkali resistant.
    • Suitable & fits all kinds of sea cages.
    • Fast delivery & easily assembling.
  • Note
    • The Manufacturer Reserves The Right To Change Specification Without Prior Notice.
    • Pioneer has not authorized any other company in "Taiwan" to be its representative or distributor, please note only "Pioneer A.E. Company Limited" can offer you the "Authentic Pioneer" products!
    • For any further information on the products, please visit Pioneer's website:
  • Remarks
    • Different cage dimension can be tailor-made.

Square Cage - - - - - -
Model Floating Pipe Size(mm) Cage Size(mxm) Cage Circumference(m) Stanchion Quantity(set) Volume Per 1 m of Net Depth(m3) Gross Buoyancy(kgs)
PSC-2503 250 3x3 12 6 9 1,031.8
PSC-2504 250 4x4 16 8 16 1,326.6
PSC-2506 250 6x6 24 12 36 1,916.2
PSC-2509 250 9x9 36 18 81 2,800.6
Round Cage - - - - - -
Model Floating Pipe Size(mm) Cage Diameter(m) Cage Circumference(m) Stanchion Quantity(set) Volume Per 1 m of Net Depth(m3) Gross Buoyancy(kgs)
PRC-2510 250 10 31.4 16 78.54 2,432.1
PRC-2512 250 12 37.7 19 113.09 2,948.0
PRC-2516 250 16 50.3 26 201.06 3,906.1
PRC-2520 250 20 62.8 32 314.16 4,864.2

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