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Tandem Press Line for Auto - Major Components

Product ID: HD Series

Tandem Press Line for Auto - Major Components

Tandem Press Line for Auto - Major Components

Presses of SPC DEES´ HD series are excellent solutions to different types of manufacturers. All models of HD series are pre-engineered with well-rounded features that can be widely applied.

SPC DEES Hydraulic also offers customized pressed. Customers are welcome to go through the details of design with our engineers to make sure that the machine about to be produced meets all the requirements.

  • Standard Accessories
    • Computerized optimism frame design by Finite Element Analysis.
    • Cylinder tube and piston roe all with one-piece design to ensure service lifetime, harden rod surface and fine ground.
    • Maintenance-Free and adjustable eight-point oil less guiding plates.
    • Smooth operation at high speed.
    • Overload protection valves.
    • Efficiently designed hydraulic circuit block with less pipes and connection.
    • Programmable logic controller and European standard electric components.
    • Accessible open side-frame suitable for automation equipment front to back or left to right.
    • Adjustable daylight speed change point cushion stroke easy operation and fast set up via limit switches control.
    • Slide and cushion position controlled by limit switch.
    • Front side T-stand.
    • Front side safety light curtain.
    • Oil temperature readout on the panel.
    • Mechanism ejector on slide.
    • Oil cooler (cooling water type).
    • Pressure switch.
    • T-slotted slide and bolster.
    • Interlocked safety die block.
  • Ram Lock Device
    • Central lubrication system.
    • Cushion pin supplied.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Mono or Color NC Touch Screen with Linear Transducer.
    • Two sides safety light curtain or PSDI control system.
    • Hydraulic Ejector in Slide.
    • Stand alone oil heat exchanger.
    • Ram Lock Device.
    • Quick Die Chang System (Q.D.C).
    • Moving Bolster.
    • Punching Damper.
    • Auto load and unload system.
    • Fully compliance with CE standard.
  • CE

Main Products:
Blanking, Trimming, Deep Drawing, Die Spotting, Tryout, Transfer, Hemming, C-Frame, 4-Post Press, Triple Action Press, Multi-Axis, and Directional Presses

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