CNC Spring Making Machine

CNC Spring Making Machine

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CNC Spring Making Machine

Product ID: XD CNC-650W

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Wire Diamter 2.3-5.0mm
Maximum Wire Feed Value 999999mm
Minimum Wire Feed Value 0.01mm
Wire Feed Speed 0-60m/min
MaximumCamMovement Value 4000
MinimumCamMovement Value 1
CamSpeed 0-70rpm
Maximum Rotary Quill Value 4000
Minimum Rotary Quill Value 1
Maximum Rotary Wire Value 25000
Minimum Rotary Wire Value 1
Rotary Wire Speed 1-60rpm
Maximum O.D. 120mm
Maximum Leg Length 100mm
Slide Stroke 90mm
Motor Wire Feed 7kw
Cam 7.5kw
Rotary Quill 1.2kw
Rotary Wire 5.5kw
Poewer 380v/220v
Weight 3800kg
Dimensions Length 3000mm
Width 1550mm
Height 2050mm
Software 586 lndustrial Grade Computer
Monitor LCD
Axis Number 6 Axis Computer
Program Store 100 page
Operation Screen Windows Operator Display

Standard Accessories

Right Coiling / Bending Tool Holder 3
Left Coiling / Bending Tool Holder 2
Pitch Tool Holder 5
Cam 30
Probe 2
Support 3


Servo Spinner 2
Servo Secondary Hook Station 1
Detect Fumction  
Accessories and Tools  

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We specialize in vary kind of CNC spring making machines, such as CNC spring former, CNC coiler, CNC wire strip former, garter spring coiler, strut(rope) hanger machine, furnace, spring measuring device.

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