Switching Power Supply with U.P.S. Function.

Product ID: PA-3201-1

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The products have be used in Telecom devices ,such as electronic switch systems, PABX, key telephone systems.
Model O / P V1 O / P V2 O / P V3 O / P V4
TPA-3201-1 28V / 5A 12V / 1A 5V / 66A 28V / 0.3A
TPA-3201-2 28V / 5A -5V / 2A 5V / 6A 28V / 0.3A
TPA-3201-3 -28V / 5A -5V / 2A 5V / 6A 28V / 0.3A
  • Offer regulator voltage.
  • Auto-charge (to battery) with a limited current.
  • Battery cut-off function.
  • Ring-generator function (sine ware / square wave).
  • Power factor collection (optional).

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