100% Rayon Embroidery Threads

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The rayon embroidery threads is designed for high-speed computerized embroidery machines. They have outstanding quality: hi-strength, good color fastness in sun light & washing. We have 600 standard colors and keep minimum different shade of the dyed lots.
Model Length Weight
120D/2 5000m/cone 135g +/- 5/cone
150D/2 4000m/cone 135g +/- 5/cone
75D/2 8480m/cone 150g +/- 5/cone
300D/4 1060m/cone 150g +/- 5/cone
450D 2830m/cone 150g +/- 5/cone
450D/2 1420m/cone 150g +/- 5/cone
  • Have 600 standard colors and produce any other colors asked by buyers.
  • Hi-strength, good color fastness.
  • The sectional dyed, five-color, four-color, three-color and two-color, are produced.
  • Include models in 120D/2 150D/2.
  • Could Ask The Special Models: 75D/2, 30D/4, 450D, 450D/2

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