Mineral Water Production Unit

Product ID: UF-4

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In this factory production the spatial textille filter ultra filters the module to use the thread to meet the from exactly,aminly by separates the organic macro-mo9lecule,colloid,ultramicro granule.Bacterium and so on primarily,falls muddy to the depth,clear eliminates the fungus and the macro-molecule con centration and so on sas the extremely remarkable effect. Ultra filters the installment to each kind if water source,the drink,the soy sauce,the vinegar,the alcohol and so on clarifying,the truncation fungus,the medicine,the electronic industrial used pure water,the hyperpure equipment,the protein,enzyme preparation contour member matter purifying aspect and so on.Concentration obtains the success application, General ultra filters theinstallment to need the zero to match pumps with chemistry purifier.
  • mineral water produce line
    • mineral water produce line

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