CNC Angle Line for Marking and Drilling Machine

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CNC Angle Line for Marking and Drilling
1. This processing line is composed of transverse conveyor, overturn conveyor, infeed conveyor, CNC infeed carriage, two sets of drilling units, one set of marking unit, automatic outfeed conveyor and corresponding hydraulic system, electric cooling system.

2. There is one set of drilling unit on each side. Three drills with different dimensions can be fixed on the drilling unit. The drilling unit can fulfill the CNC movement holistically, so the stada accuracy of holes can be guaranteed.

3. The rotation speed of spindles is stepless adjusted by the transducer, and the feeding speed is stepless adjusted by governor vavle. Transform of the rapid feeding, working feeding and rapid withdrawing of spindles can be finished automatically.

4. One marking unit, the marking stada can be set conveniently.

5. Marking, calmping of the workpiece and infeed of the drilling are driven by the hydraulic system. Main components are imported. Circulate cooling system is applied so as to prolong the life of drills.

6. The control system consists of the host computer, CNC system, servo motor, PLC, external examination switch, etc. Just input the dimension of the workpiece, the processing program will be created. Furthermore, the program can be stored, selected, displayed and communicated as per the workpiece No.
.CNC Angle Line for Marking Drilling

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