Waterproof Mini QMA Connector Series

Product ID: ANO Mini QMA

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The Mini QMA is a quick locking SMA (QMA) replacement that was designed with panel mount and PCB applications specifically in mind; the length of the Mini QMA plug and jack being the shortest of any QMA connector on the market to date. This miniaturization, in addition to its snap-on coupling mechanism and electronic performance equivalent to SMA up to 18 GHz, make the Mini QMA an excellent choice for applications in which space is limited but performance is required.
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: DC-18 GHz
  • Durability: >200 cycles
  • Interface Retention Force: 60N min
  • IP68 Seal
  • Faster Mating
    • 10x quicker installation than the SMA
  • Greater Packaging Density
    • No torque wrench required for installation
  • Waterproof

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