SHT-W88ST96 Carrier tape forming machine

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The latest product, model number SHT-W88ST96, works at speeds of 70 shots per minute, produces up to 1,600 meters of Carrier Tape hourly. And with a highly accurate P2 value and a CAM drive system, it will satisfy all of stringent needs for Carrier Tape Forming.
  • Production speed
    • 70shots per minute - high speed more than two to three times
  • Output per hour
    • up to 1,612meters
  • Tape width
    • up to 88mm
  • Four punching system
  • Forming tool
    • Concerning Forming Section, both Female type mould and Male type mould are possible
  • P2 Value
    • P2 Value is more stable and it prides its highest accuracy
  • CAM Drive
    • Work on the CAM Drive System basis
  • Multi row production
    • 4lines: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm
  • 3lines: 24mm
  • 2lines: 32mm, 44mm
  • 1line: 56mm, 64mm, 72mm, 88mm
    • ISO 9001:2000-certified factory

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Carrier tape forming machine