fiber optic power meter

Product ID: FO86502

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FO86502 handheld optic power meter is a handheld optical power meter, newly released in 2007, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fibers. A f1.0mm photosensitive area photodiode is used to significantly improve the stability and the reliability. It features ingenious appearance, a wide range of power measurement, high accuracy, an user self-calibration function and a reference power level storage.
  • fiber optic power meter
    • * Reference power level storage(Ref Setting)
  • * User self-calibration function
  • * Comfortable LCD display and backlight LCD display supports night operation.
  • * Power measurements in dBm or mw and insertion loss in dB
  • * Optional 10 minutes Auto-off function
  • * AA alkaline batteries can last more than 140 hours, AC adaptor also available
  • * Low battery power indication

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