wellshutter compression testing machine

wellshutter compression testing machine

JAW-1000 wellshutter compression testing machine

Product ID: L-105-454

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Main technical specifications:
1. max. test force: 1000KN;
2. measuring range of test force: 1%-100%F.S, with one load set;
3. accuracy of test force: better than ±1%;
4. adjusting range of test speed: 0.5-10KN/s;
5. measuring range of deformation: 0-10mm;
6. deformation resolution: 0.001mm;
7. max. stroke of piston: 200mm;
8. compression space: 0-350mm;
9. upper platen size: Ф250mm;
10. dim. of rigid shim: Ф250*40mm; Ф75*40mm; 250*250*150mm; 250*250*75mm;
11. dim. of working table (W*L): 1200*1400mm;
12. dim. of main machine (L*W*H): 1800*1200*2200mm;
dim. of servo control cabinet (L*W*H): 1160*800*900mm;
13. power supply: 380V±50Hz; 2.2KW;
14. weight: about 4000kg.
Ⅲ. Basic configuration:
Item No. Name Spec. Qty.
Product 1 Main machine 1000KN 1set
2 Servo oil source control system 1set
Accessories & tools 1 Rigid stow-wood 1set
2 Deformation measurement device 0-10mm digital dial gauge 1set
3 Lenovo computer 1G*160G*17 liquid crystal 1set
4 Color ink jet printer A4/HP2668 1set
5 Attachment materials 1set
6 Attachment tools 1set
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