OSW -D 2 X 2B optical fiber switch2 x 2 BA 2 x 2A optical switch

Product ID: 1609020206750

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Low Insertion Loss

Wide Wavelength Range

Low Crosstalk

High Stability, High Reliability

Epoxy-free on Optical Path

Latching and Non-latching


Optical Signal Switching and Routing
Optical Network Protection and Restoration
Optical Network Monitoring
Video Distribution
Instrumentation Resource Sharing
Military Communications

Parameters OSW-D2x2B
Wavelength Range nm 650~1310 1260~1670
Testing Wavelength nm 650/780/850/980/1064/1310 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650
Insertion Loss dB Typ:0.6,Max:1.0 Typ:0.5 ,Max:0.8
Return Loss dB ≥30 ≥50
Crosstalk dB ≥35 ≥50
PDL dB ≤0.05
WDL dB ≤0.25
TDL dB ≤0.25
Repeatability dB ≤±0.02
Power supply v 3.0 or 5.0
Lifetime Cycle ≥107
Switch Time ms ≤8
Transmission Power mW ≤500
Operation Temperature ℃ -40~+85
Storage Temperature ℃ -40~+85
Weight g 16
Dimension mm (L)27×(W)12.5×(H)8.2(±0.2)

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