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automatic A4 paper cutting machine and packaging machine

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automatic A4 paper cutting machine and packaging machine

Suitable for:
This machine suitable for paper, film, paper&film laminated etc best jumbo roll cutting machine. It is top quality cutting machine in china.
1.Main engine frequency adjust speed,PLC touch screen control system,auto counter quantity, auto fixed length, auto machine stop when had alarm , auto tension control etc function.
2.Feeding roll use manual loading system, air shaft use 3#(76mm paper tube core)
3.Machine rack use 10mm thick steel plate with groove steel structure. Bottom of cutting knife use heavy casting structure, Guide rollers using static balanced aluminum alloy guide roller.
4.Traction drive fixed position use servo motor system, traction driver roller use steel structure. Feeding traction way is through motor move the chain wheel to drag the rubber roller. The receiving platform is normal table.
5.Our Machine is best jumbo roll cross cutting machine, it have high precision. High speed and receiving sheet paper flat.

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