DCV40 series hydraulic monoblock directional control valve

Product ID: DCV40 series

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1. Inner check valve: The check valve inside the valve body is to insure the hydraulic oil will not be returned.
2. Inner relief valve: The relief valve inside the valve body is able to adjust the hydraulic system working pressure.
3. Oil way: Parallel circuit, with power beyond.
4. Control Way: manual, Air,Air&Electric,Micro-Switch,Electric&Hydraulic control.
5.Valve construction: monoblock construction, 1-8 levers are available to assembled as you requests.
6.Spool Function: O,A,Y ,P etc.
7. Flow 40 l/min with pressure 160bar, 200bar, 315bar
8.Spool returning type with T (spring return) and W (ball locking)
9. Joining port: L (screw connection)
10 .Nominal diameter: G1/2; G3/8; M18*1.5
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

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