HDMI 1.4v super slim transmit cable

Product ID: HHD14T-AA015K

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HDMI 1.4V A/A hight quality super slim white-1.5M
* HDMI 1.4Version, support Ethernet newest spec. and Full dual high
speed transmission.
* Full HD 1080P high quality, band width up to 340MHz, high speed
transmission rate 10.2Gbps.
* Head and connector are with 24k gold-plating, to prevent from
oxidation after times. Increase the durability and connection reliability.
* Multi-shield, cover rate above than 85%, efficient suppression for the
interruption of EMI and RF, ensure non-lossy during transmission.
* Able to transmit high quality video, display 1080P Full HD high quality
video with high resolution TV.
* Use precision shaping Polyethylene dielectric to remain the complete
signal and prevent from non-lossy during transmission.
* Impedance matching construction, reduce signal lost, increase band
* Support Sony PS3 / XBox / DVD / DSC / HDTV / STB etc. 720P /
1080I / 1080P Full HD high resolution video output.
* Certified by UL and RoHS, ac

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