titanium lug nut

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Founded in 2000,unlike other suppliers, Hew Whitt Only focus on manufacturing and supplying high-end Titanium alloy fasteners/titanium bolt/titanium nut/titanium screw/titanium stub/titanium gasket/titanium speical-shaped parts for racing industry including racing cars/motorcycles/bicycles ect,so we are pretty confident in manufacturing top quality Ti alloy bolts for our clients.

Available head: hex socket head, taper head, hex flange head, 12pt flange head, torx head, I.D. 12pt flange head, button head, countersunk head, cup head

Avaiable colour: gold, purple, green, bule, Ti natual

Our bright spot: 1. aerospace grade material--titanium Gr5
2. The head of our bolt are Hot forged for higher strength,instead of Machined head.
3.The threads of our bolt are Rolled for greater fatigue resistnace and avoidiing galling,instead of Cut threads.
  • ISO 9001

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