rubber plastic air-conditioner/solar energy insulation pipe processing machine

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Rubber plastic foam insulation pipe production line is kind of rubber plastic foam pipe machine adopting EPDM (or NBR,PVC) as its raw material and added other accessory materials to produce high-quality foam insulation pipes. This rubber plastic machine can making three pipes extrusion per time in big size, six pipes extrusion per time in small size.

Pipe/tube/hose: inner diameter 6-168mm; thickness:6-30mm

Sheet/board: width 1000-1500mm; the length depends on customers requirement.

Color: various colors

Customized foaming production line:


Our experienced and committed engineer will design and organize the production line according to everyclients exact process application in order to achieve highest productivity, flexibility and profitability to experts and beginners at any place in the world.

The voltage and power of the NBR/PVC foaming production line can be adjusted to match individual installation site standard.


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