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WEDM DK7716 applies to hardware, metal jewelry, watches mold processing is particularly suitable for powder metallurgy, magnetic material cutting, high production efficiency, cutting low surface roughness and high precision

DK7716Technical specifications
Table dimension
A. Traverse (X): 400mm;
B. Longitudinal (Y): 300mm;

A. Traverse travel (X): 160mm;
B. Longitudinal travel (Y): 200mm;
Wire guide frame
A. Traverse travel (U): 0mm;
B. Longitudinal travel (V): 0mm;
C. Max. Taper cutting: 0°
D. Max. Thickness of work piece: 120mm;
E. Hand wheel resolution (per round): 1mm;
F. Hand wheel resolution (per scale): 0.01mm;

Wire winding drum
A. Maximum travel: 120mm;
B. Diameter of wire: 0.13-0.25mm;
C. Max. Length of wire: 200m;
Dielectric fluid
A. Dielectric fluid: Saponified liquor
B. Tank capacity: 40L;
Cutting performance
A. Work piece thickness: <120mm;
B. Max. Work piece weight: 150Kg
C. Max. Machining current: 5A
D. Max. Cutting speed: 160mm²/min (thickness: 40~60mm);
E. Surface roughness: Ra<2.0um (with speed >20mm²/min);
F. Finish accuracy: 0.012mm
Net weight: 900kg (except the controller);
Dimensions of machine:1300× 900× 1250mm;
  • ISO9001-2008

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