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DK7720 Technical specifications
Table dimension
A. Traverse (X): 520mm;
B. Longitudinal (Y): 336mm;

A. Traverse travel (X): 200mm;
B. Longitudinal travel (Y): 320mm;
Wire guide frame
A. Traverse travel (U): 8mm;
B. Longitudinal travel (V): 8mm;
C. Max. Taper cutting: ±3°/ 80mm
D. Max. Thickness of work piece: 160mm;
E. Hand wheel resolution (per round): 1mm;
F. Hand wheel resolution (per scale): 0.01mm;

Wire winding drum
A. Maximum travel: 140mm;
B. Diameter of wire: 0.13-0.25mm;
C. Max. Length of wire: 260m;
Dielectric fluid
A. Dielectric fluid: Saponified liquor
B. Tank capacity: 40L;
Cutting performance
A. Work piece thickness: < 160mm;
B. Max. Work piece weight: 200Kg
C. Max. Machining current: 6A
D. Max. Cutting speed: ≥ 160mm²/min (thickness: 40~60mm);
E. Surface roughness: Ra≤ 2.0um (with speed >20mm²/min);
F. Finish accuracy: 0.012mm
Net weight: 1200kg (except the controller);
Dimensions of machine:1400× 1060× 1500mm;
  • ISO9001-2008

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