chemical sheet picture

chemical sheet picture

Chemical Sheet

Product ID: IL-A

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Chemical sheet despriction
Thickness: 0.6mm-3.0mm

Specification: 1Y×1Y or customize

Color: White, red, green and others

1. Strong glutinosity, well bonding.
2. High tensile, good breaking and peeling resistance.
3. Good in toughness, deflection and flexibility

Applications: Mainly used for upper and heel of sports and leather shoes. For inner lining of various briefcase and suitcase etc.

Our main market: Europe, Middle east, Southeast of Asia,centre south Americen and so on.

Advantage of our company:

1. Competitive price.

2. Various quality grade

3. Shortest delivery time.

4. Excellent and stable quality.

5. Friendly and warm heart services
  • ISO9001.2002

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