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All main materials are using the high grade PVC resin ,assisted with the top grade accessorial materials. Our product is not only equal in thickness, transparent and clear but also have such characteristics: good impact resistance ,good anti-corrosion, good aging-resistant ,good ultraviolet-resistant and readily to shape , quick heat seal, excellent airproof character and so on.
  • Officinal PVC/PVDC coated film ^$As per the investigation, presently 80% medicine are packed in this kind of material,but in our country widely used PVC will penetrate gases or fluid under room temperature in 6 months.It has profound effect to products.But if using PVDC, the period for protection to medicine can reach at least 3 years.^#Officinal PVC/PE film^$PVC/PE compound completely cast the before said shortcoming, mainly produced by officinal PVC film after heat seal. During the process of production, the temperature, coated quantum and solid time are measured strictly, making the product meet the standard of same product overseas. ^#PVC officinal packaging film^$ Light evade officinal PVC film produced mainly by high standard sanitation PVC resin together with suitable amount of assistant and color up material ,come into product after clashing.The product keeps the impact resistant,anti-corrosion characteristic of transparent PVC film and has the function of evade light and beutify. Our product are the ideal packing material for all kinds of medicine eg tablets,capsule,injection fluid or orally taken fluid.^#PET film coated with PVDC on single^$1.Excellent aroma protection
  • 2.Excellent gas(oxygen,nitrogen,carbon dioxide)barrier
  • 3.Superior mechanical strength
  • 4.Superior printability
  • 5.Excellent transparency
  • ^#BOPP film coated with PVDC on doubl^$1.Excellent gas barrier, good aroma protection
  • 2.Good low temperature heat-sealable properties and smooth seal
  • 3.Excellent transparency
  • ^#
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    All main materials ^$All main materials are using the high grade PVC resin ,assisted with the top grade accessorial materials. ^#

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