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bimetal bushing is based on steel and sintered with CuPb10Sn10 as a lining layer. This type has the best performance within the range of Cu-Pb alloy constructured bushing. Therefore it has been widely used in automotive, common industrial like steering gear, power steering, pedal bushes, king-pin bushes, tailgate pivots, mechanical handling, lifting equipment, hydraulic motors, agricultural machines etc.
all size ^$we can produce all size according to your design^#JF-800R^$Steel backed lead bronze lined bearing material for marginal lubrication application. Suitable for oscillation movement or rotation motion with high load capacity and lower speed excellent wear resistance. The bronze layer surface can be machined with various of grooves, oil pockets and oil holes in terms of different work condition, so as to meet the demanding criteria for long life and trouble-free performance with or without lubrication.^#JF-700^$JF-700 is a bimetal bushing with steel as backing and sintered CuPb30 as lining layer. It has good performance in anti-seizing, alien substance contamination. It is necessary to be over plated certain soft alloy and mostly applied in internal combustion engine under high speed and middle to low load, e.g .main bushing and connect-rod bushing.^#JF-20^$JF-20 is made of high quality low-carbon steel strip, rolled with high tin and aluminum alloy on surface with special workmanship. It is with medium fatigue-resistance, load capacity, good corrosion-resistance and super surface property. It is widely used in main shaft, con rod shaft of internal combustion engine, pressure-squeeze machine and cooling machine.^#
  • high quality^$Freedom from maintenance through self-lubrication,
  • Maximum economic static and dynamic load carrying capacity,
  • Consistently low coefficient of friction,
  • No 'stick-slip',
  • It reduces vibrations and allows for quiet running,
  • Long-life and maximum economic as a result of its high resistance to wear. ^#
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