Zhejiang  Sanren Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Sanren Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading cylinder block manufacturer specializing in

Cylinder for General Gas Engine
1E32F-2(Bore32mm) 1E32FG(Bore32mm) 1E32FX(Bore32mm) 1E34FX(Bore32-34mm) 1E34F (Bore34mm) 1E36F(Bore36mm) 1E37F (Bore37mm) 1E37S (Bore37mm) 1E39F (Bore39mm) PD5 (Bore39mm) MBK51V(Bore39mm) 1E39F-2 (Bore39mm) 1E39-55 (Bore39mm) 1E39-55 (Bore39.5mm) 1E40F-5 (Bore40mm)
PGT P-50(Bore40mm) PGT103 (Bore40mm) 1E40F-6 (Bore40mm)
1E40F (Bore40mm) 1E41F (Bore41.1mm) 1E43F(Bore43mm) DL50(Bore43mm) 1E44F-5(Bore44mm) 1E44F(Bore44mm) 1E44F-6(Bore44mm) BRIDE T-5 45(Bore45mm) BRIDE T-5 45(Bore46mm) 1E45F(Bore45mm) MOBYLETTE(Bore46mm) 1E47F(Bore47mm) HUSQVARNA61(Bore47mm) 1E61F (Bore48mm) STHIL08 (Bore49mm) 1E50F(Bore50mm) 070 (Bore58mm) and so on

Mortorcycle Cylinder includes Honda Series, YAMAHA Series, and Suzuki Series.

Other Series: SYM50(Bore39mm) TOMOS A35(Bore39mm) Piaggio , DAELTM(Bore40mm) FOR BOOSTER50(Bore40mm) BR154 (Bore42mm) PUMITA(Bore43.5mm) GAPELLI TEAM(Bore46mm) PP80(Bore47-51mm) SOL80(Bore48mm) WATER PUMP F48MM(Bore48mm) KH100(Bore49.5mm) G7S(Bore49.5mm) LT80(Bore50mm) SY125 Bajajbravo5(Bore57mm) VESPA-P150(Bore57.75mm) PX200(Bore60mm)
KSL (Bore75mm) KSR(Bore77mm) BMW R75(Bore77mm),etc.

Our variety of cylinder models and specifications is No.1 in China. We are able to develop new models of cylinders as per customer's sample or drawings.
Pistons are available.
Assuring you of our best service and morecompetitive price at all times.

business e-mail: chinasanren_lynn@ yahoo.com


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