Paper Plate Punching Machine

Product ID: YQZD-200

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Our Products conform to Quality Manage Syetem Stand:ISO9001---2000
YQZD-200 Paper Plate Punching machine is designed by development to follow after the market demand.It is an automatic dish sharper of air motion model that is first found in the whole nation.Our company owns the independent konwledge right.This equipment has full-automatically pass paper,moulding,produce dishes and constant temperatuere control,auto-count functions etc.It works quickly,maintenance the equipment convenience.
YQZD-200 paper plate punching machine have two working stations,and with two molds in one machine,you can produce two size plates or make the same size plates in one machine.
I don't think it is possiable changing molds to produce different plates when you are not skillful with our machines,for change molds need many times and change some parts of the machine.So we recommend you don't have any change of the molds.
Round or square plates are allowing to produce in this type machine.
Additional equiment needed for this machine(air compressor)

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