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Neuro-Muscula Electrical Stimulator (TENS/EMS)

Product ID: GP-8016M

Neuro-Muscula Electrical Stimulator (TENS/EMS)


The most complete all-in-one item of TENS/EMS offered in the market, Sanidad Neuro-Muscular Acu-Pulse Stimulator: comes with conductive electrode accessories from silicon rubber, sponge pads, adhesive electrodes to ear-acupuncture clamps, technicals are 3x3 (3 output and 3 acupuncture-EMS-TENS programs, and with AC/DC domestic power capacity for intensive users.

  • GMP: ISO-13485
  • CE-MDD
  • FDA/510K: K020464

Main Products:
Electronic Acupuncture, TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nevus Stimulator, TEMS Transcutaneous Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Facial Toner, Fan Infrared Magnetronic Moxibustion (Thermal), Thermal Fan-Infrared Wave Lamp, Magnet Wave Manager

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