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Hard Wall Hangers

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Hard Wall Hangers

Hard Wall Hangers


    • Made of Nylon with harden pins.


    • Hard wall hangers are ideal for hanging pictures, utensils and tools on concrete and cinder block surfaces.


    • Not suitable for wallboard, plaster, softwood, natural stone, hard brick, ceramic or formica surfaces.


    • Packed in bulk, blister packaging, compartment box and polybag.


  • Color
    • White
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Pink

Mini With 1 Pin
Baby With 2 Pins (2.4cm)
Baby With 3 Pins (2.4cm)
Small With 3 Pins (3.0cm)
Small With 4 Pins (3.0cm)
Medium With 4 Pins (3.6cm)
Large With 3 Pins (4.0cm)
Large With4 Pins (4.0cm)
EX-Large With 4 Pins (5.0cm)
Plastic holder for mini size

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