Elec. & Communication FRP Pipe Machine

Product ID: P01

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Dia. Length Weight Dia. Length Weight
9mm 120M 35kg 11mm 120M 40kg
9mm 150M 38kg 11mm 150M 43kg
9mm 200M 44kg 11mm 200M 51kg
9mm 240M 49kg 11mm 240M 61kg
  • Easy for transportation, work and operation, shortens operation time, decrease labor burden.
  • Two ends of pipeline are attached with a copper connector in order to connect accessories and extensions later on.
  • The inside material is solid-glass fiber and the outside is made with a synthetic plastic layer, elastic, insulated, and can it with stand tire press.
  • The elongation strength of this product is 2,000kgs.
  • Accessories Optionals.
  • Frame and roller are made of steel with Zinc coating, the outside diameter of disc is 1,000mm, it can swivel 360°, the shaft has double cover bearings with brakes.
  • Except standard specification, special specification order is welcomed.
  • Pipeline Specification: Including reel weight ± 5%

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