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U-CAN-DO Hardware Corporation    silverPremium Supplier

The U-CAN-DO Hardware Corporation has been manufacturing hard wall hangers, metal picture hangers, all-purpose hooks, wires, nails and screws in all sizes for more than decades...

Main Products: Picture Hooks & Picture Hangers, Plastic Hooks, Hard Wall Hangers, Plastic Anchors, Screw Eyes, Hangers, Picture hooks, Screw eyes, Thumb tacks... More
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Taiwan Metal & Heddle Co., Ltd.    

First we built our company on Jan. 1, 1991. Then our factory opened to be a source for "Taiwan Steel Reed" Later we opened our branch company in Qindao, China in 1992....

Main Products: aluminum wire, brass wire... More
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Cupralsa SAC    

We are ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and exporter of, High Copper alloys: CuCd, CuSi, CuSn, CuTe, CuS. Copper suspension wire, trolley: plain and grooved. Brass for...

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anping Tianshan Wire Mesh Co,.ltd    

we are China Tianshan Wire Mesh Co., a leading manufacturer and exporter in the metal wire mesh field in China. Service and quality come first in our corporation . we could...

Main Products: Fiberglass screen,wire mesh,wire cloth, Electric welding mesh... More
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changzhou xiuben weld company    

Changzhou Xiuben weld Co ltd. is located in changzhou. It is 162 Kms away from Shanghai in east and 103 Kms away from Nanjing in west. It enjoys a solid industrial foundation and...

Main Products: welding torch & accessories, mig, tig plasma welding tool... More
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Ningbo Powerway Group Co., Ltd.    

POWERWAY GROUP Ltd., Ningbo, previously Ningbo Non-ferrous Alloy Co., Ltd., located in Ningbo, one of the largest port cities on China旧 east coast, is a state-level...

Main Products: Phosphor Bronze, Brass Wires, Bronze Wires, Welding Wires... More
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Wan Hsin Toothbrush Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    

We were established in 1977. Our major products include handle mould, flat brass wire, material(automatic) bristle blades, toothbrush tufting mahcines, automatic bristle trimming...

Main Products: Handle mould, Flat brass wire, Material (automatic) bristle blade, Toothbrush tufting machine, Automatic bristle trimming @ end-rounding machine... More
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Andean Technology S.A.C.    

Andean Technology S.A.C. is a fully integrated copper alloy rod and wire manufacturer of high quality products...

Main Products: Brasses, phosphorous bronzes, copper aluminum & copper silicon wires... More
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Ningbo Powerway Materialise Co., Ltd.    

Ningbo Powerway Materialise Co., Ltd. located in one of the biggest Chinese port city, Ningbo, is a joint venture enterprise under Ningbo Powerway Group Co., Ltd. The group...

Main Products: Zinc Coated Wire, Electrode Wire, EDM Wire, Galvanized Wire, EDM Consumable, EDM, Zinc Wire, Bronze Wire, Phosphor Bronze Wire, Electrode Wire... More
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Oriental Happy Enterprise Co., Ltd.    

Oriental Happy Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1974. We specialized in producing of all kinds of Copper Alloys Wire and selling non-ferrous Metal Material. We have six...

Main Products: phosphor copper anode, brass wire, flat wire, nickel silver wire, silicon bronze wire... More
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