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Jieyang Chuangda Quartz Clock And Electrical Appliances Factory Ltd

Our company is the enterprise secializing in manufacturing and selling large variety of quartz clock,mini-radio,plastic wares, hair-dryer,flashlight-picture, they are all bassis on the principle of good quality, favourable price, our products have...

Main Products: mini-radio, plastic wares, quartz clock, hair-dryer... More

Shanghai Jiuding Clock Co.,ltd

As a professional factory producing floor clock, quartz clock and its parts and accessories for many years. Shanghai Jiuding Clock Company have gained many advantages on our competitors for reasonable price and high quality recently .as JIUDING CLOCK is...

Main Products: Floor clock, Grandfather clock, Clock parts... More

Huaxing Fashion Industry Co., Ltd

HUAXING FASHION INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED is a professional and well-experienced manufacturer of consumer electronics and promotion gifts. We provide all kinds of wall clocks, quartz clocks, LCD clock, digital timer, electronic calculator,wooden table clocks...

Main Products: Calculator, LCD clocks, Quartz clocks, Wall clocks... More

Emate Electronics Co., Ltd

Founded in 2006, Emate Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and designer of high-quality digital electronic products based in Fuzhou, China.We design, develop, manufacture and sell an extensive range of digital electronic products, including...

Main Products: clocks&watches, weather station, weighing scales, quartz clocks... More

YiWu Feige clock co.,ltd

Fei ge clock limited company foundation in 1998, through several years of the hardship start a business, making great effort to work hard, obtaining a glorious accomplishment.The company owns the upscale office building, 50000 square meters of 1200...

Main Products: Wall Clock, clock, Antique Wall Clock, Quartz clock, Alarm clock... More

zhangzhou imp & exp ltd

we made kinds of quality quartz clock, with very competitive price.make: all kinds cap, hat...

Main Products: quartz clock, cap, hat, muffler... More

Yuan Long Clock Industry co.,ltd

Zhangzhou City yuanLong clocks Ltd.which is a firm specialized in the production and marketing of clocks enterprises,yuanLong clocks established in 1991,with one-stop production Danyingzhong size has many years of production experience in a variety of...

Main Products: electronic tyre clock, wall clock, table clock... More

Fuzhou Lyheng Electronic Co., Ltd

Hi, we are manufacturer who specializes in watch&clock in China, have several years of experience, expecially for aluminium clock. We offer the more competitive price and higher quality of the latest goods for you. Welcome to login our website at...

Main Products: Watch&Clock... More

Duteck Industrial Co., Ltd.

As a specialized maker of Quartz Clocks and movements since 1981, we offer reliable quality and good after-sales service....

Main Products: quartz alarm clock / wall clock, quartz clock movement, melody clock, moving screen clock... More

Writek Corporation Ltd.

Sole distributor of Swiss Mondaine Watches and Victorinox Watches. Sub-distributor of Mont. Blanc. Cross. Paslser, Lame...Pen. Established in 1991. Total headcount: 15.Well-established distribution network of boutiques as well as wholesale channels...

Main Products: Offical Swiss Railway Watch, Watch, Clock... More

Shenzhen Mobitel Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Mobitel Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and manufacturing of quartz clocks and mechanical clocks with unique skeleton movement as well as related products. Relying on the concept of "Time Innovation", we are always committed...

Main Products: Crystal Clock, Wooden Clock, Metal Clock, Clock, Desk Clock... More

Chengs Mark Enterprise Ltd.

Chengs Mark Enterprise Ltd. was established in 1982. We Specialize in gifts, promotional / advertising timepieces. We have production lines in both Taiwan and in China with a monthly capacity of about 200,000 pieces, including various styles of alarm...

Main Products: quartz alarm / non - alarm table / wall clocks, fit -up clocks, clock movements / parts, patented picture frame, ( with clock or without clocks )... More

Young Town Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Young Town has been a professional company involved in the automated production of quartz clock movements for over 23 years. Our production capacity has attained 6 million units monthly. Under a stricter Q.C. system our customers are satisfied with the...

Main Products: clock movement & insert clock... More
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