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Sin Chang Pte Ltd.

Our factory offers the Win Brake items in collaboration with Japan. These products cater to all types of Japanese & Continental vehicles. Our brake products have passed & met the friction material test of SAE J-661 from America....

Main Products: brake pads & brake shoes, timing bearing... More

Diethelm Scanstyle Pte Ltd.

Gloster Furniture offers an extensive range & premier quality teak furniture suitable for private use in gardens, by the pool or in the conservatory as well as for commercial use in hotels, restaurants and clubs....

Main Products: teak garden furniture ... More

Ssangleong Corporation Pte Ltd.

Ssangleong Cooperation Pte Ltd. was established in 1981. Our major export products are cargo slings, bulk bags, PP woven bags, PVC canvases, Vinylon sewing threads, packaging machines, dunnage bags, melamine, gunny bags, craft paper bags, packaging...

Main Products: cargo sling, bulk bag, PP woven bag, PVC canvas, Vinylon sewing thread... More

United Creations Pte Ltd

We are trading company in corporate, adventuring gifts and premiums business since 1992. We stake our reputation on a corporate philosophy best reflected by our motto "Creating Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement...

Main Products: household products... More

Reanex Technologies Pte Ltd

Reanex Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company providing quality and cost-effective biometric solutions to customers worldwide. Besides Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Biometric Access Control Units, BiometricFingerprint Door locks, Reanex also...

Main Products: Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Biometric Fingerprint Access Control... More

Ambergreat Electronics Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Ambergreat Electronics Pte Ltd is a major LED street lamp, LED tunnel lamp, LED obstruction lamps and LED gas station lamps manufacturer. We have a highly professional R&D team and professional sales and services in Singapore and our manufacturing...

Main Products: LED project light, LED standard light... More

Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd

We, Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd are a Singapore-based supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of photonics products (lasers, laser parts, and relevant accessories). Our company is managed by experienced professionals with engineering & servicing...

Main Products: CO2 lasers, Nd:YAG lasers, Laser marking system... More
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