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Four-leg metal dome

Four-leg metal dome - Metal domes

F series metal domes are cross shape dome switches that were designed widely used in the single or double layers printed circuit boards, flexible circuit boards and membrane switches.Whatever the life ...

CMD Manufacture Co., Limited Promote Demote
Main Products: Metal dome, dome array, snap dome, tactile dome, dome sheet... More
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TV  wall mounts

TV wall mounts - LTS32-1

Compatible with most brand LCD TV in the marketEasy to ajustment

Beyond Industry-Trade Co. , Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: TV wall mounts... More
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Remote Control Doorbell

Remote Control Doorbell - LX-101

This product adopts digital integrated circuit reference number, wireless emission and receiving technology. It possesses no repetitive password, stable performance, long distance, good appearance, lo ...

Ningbo Lexing Lnductor Electronic Co.,Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: PIR sensor switch, M/W sensor switch, sensor light... More
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rechargeable emergency light 1x20w

rechargeable emergency light 1x20w - HD-786

Input voltage: AC220V 50HZBattery: sealed -lead -acid battery 6V 4AHTube:1x20w

ShenZhen HuangDa Techenology Co.;Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: rechargeable emergency lamp car dvd player... More
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magnetic switches

magnetic switches - magnetic switches


Main Products: siren, strobe right, car reversing aid system, central door locking... More
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LCD  wall mounts

LCD wall mounts - LTS32-3

Beyond wall mount are designed to be universal and are compatible with a wide variety of models on the market. most of our products comes completely pre-assembled for a fast and easy installati ...

Beyond Industry-Trade Co. , Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: TV wall mounts... More
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Wireless Remote Control Electrical Switch

Wireless Remote Control Electrical Switch - Remote Switches

Smart Wirelss Electricity Power Supply Remote Control Switch from Reliable China Manufacturer and Supplier Sailwider.SW366 One to Two Remote Controller SwitchOne remote control + Two transmittersVolta ...

Shenzhen Sailwider Electronics Co., Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: electricity energy cost saving monitor control... More
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PDC-3  0UPS-30

PDC-3 0UPS-30 - UPS

1. 直流 12 V 反相器 220 V,50 Hz 输出 100 VA-500 VA2. 没有噪音和需要的小体积,光和 vironment 保护没有维护.3. 供应对储藏细胞 10.5 V 的低电压保护.4. 供应对器 ...

peace electric co;ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: ac contactor, thermal relay, magnetic starter, mini circuit breaker... More
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Outdoor high-voltage falling down type fuse

Outdoor high-voltage falling down type fuse - 121012

  Our main products include high-voltage、low-voltage electrical equipments、analog printing plates、mechanical products and etc. Our company is dealing with the involvement in finance、scienc ...

Zibo boshan sifang electrical apparatus co.,ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: high-voltage electrical apparatus... More
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electronic pressure switch

electronic pressure switch - DPS-5

The Electronic Controller orders the automatic start and stop of the water pump when opening or closing any tap or valve of system.The controller can keep constant pressure and water flow in the syste ...

Main Products: pressure controller... More
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