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Low Density EVA foam

Product ID: LD EVA

Low Density EVA foam

Low Density EVA foam is Easy to Press & Shape

Our low density EVA foam is a PE and EVA blended foam density is between 0.055~0.12 g/cm³(3Lbs~8Lbs) at the hardness (durometer) around 15~50 Asker C.

The foam is light and so easy for fabricate and thermoforming process, its application arevery wide, such as

Automotive dunnage, camping pads/mats, cushion packaging, flotation vest/devices (buoyancy aids), goggle pad, molded insoles, seat cushions, sport padding (thermoform molded parts)

  • Ideal for thermoforming-easy to press & shape.
  • Low density (0.055 to 0.12g/cm³)-lightweight.
  • Good resilience-suitable for protective function.
  • We cover different resilient range.
  • We offer different custom PE/EVA formulas.
  • We provide different properties (compression set, density, hardness etc.).

Main Products:
Eco Yoga Mat, EVA Foam, Neoprene foam, Martial arts mat, Shoe Insoles

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