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Chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer (gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer) are common disease of digestive system. Patients purely using H2-receptor inhibitor and other gastric drugs can not have perfect therapeutic effect and the recurrence rate is very high. In recent several years, lots of internal and outernal studies have confirmed that HP (Helicobacteria Pyloric) parasitisming in human stomach is the primary inducement of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer. Hp's acidoresistance is very strong. Ammonia produced by Hp's metabolism can change the gastricmucosa's microenvironment, add the PH value and destroy the normal negative feedbac which is controlling the gastrin release liberation to cause peptic ulcer and even change the disease into carcinoma of stomach. As the interal and outeral medical study showing, anti-HP infection is of more positive theapeapeatic effect and more actual treatment significance than purely using acidoresistance and protecting gastric mucosa treatment in the treatment of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer. SWIBEC is new kind of moderate liberation tablet detained in stomach. It uses special moderate liberation material as framework and uses aminoglycoside antibiotics-Gentamycin's multicompont medicine which are high susceptible to HP as material. Special advanced technology and craft make SWIBEC be of peculiar clinic effect. SWIBEC is the first antibiotic moderate liberation drug detained in stomach in the world. In the Eamining and Approving National New Drugs Meeting of Health Department in September 1992. SWIBEC is considered to be the first national nee drug annihiliating Helicobacteria Phloric and treating infective disease of digestive system. It's clinic curative effect and advanced technology and preparation yere confirmed. Interal and outeral literatures report that HP's somatic cells have no plasmid and bacteriophage, therefore they do not produce deactivation enzyme which can vertical transmit and annihiliating living aminoglycoside antibiotics. It has been testified that SWIBEC has good effect not only in normal duodenal ulcer combined with HP infectiveness, but also in stubborn duodenal ulcer refractory to previous ulcer-preventive therapy. It is very important that Annihilating Hpin etiology and therapeutics of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer, especially for anti-recurrence of peptic ulcer.
  • Especially for annihiliating helicobacteria pyloric
  • The result of dissolution test in vitro shows that SWIBEC can quantitatively resease at a controlled releasing rate. As the figure showing, Kr=0.3992(h), average dissolute time can be calculate by trapezoid, MDT=2.53h.

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