Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd.

Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd.

With the concept of best service, high quality, fast delivery, and creativity, Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 1972, has been professionally producing Side channel blowers, Centrifugal blowers, and multistage turbo blowers as well as all kind of blowers in mid or low pressure. From casting, processing, to motor making, up to 95% of the procedures are finished in our factory. We produce over thirty-six thousand sets of blowers every year. We also manufacture dust collectors and pressure exhaust fans for industrial use.

The purpose of our blowers is various. Our blowers can be used in printing, plastic processing, pollution control, food and beverage industries, woodworking, textile, paper making, electronic machinery, packaging, fishing, mining, burner, hot air generator, vacuum, powder transport, dryers, glass making, ventilation and so on. We make all kinds of blowers, ranging from 0.075KW to 19KW. Also we provide quick delivery and always keep some quantity in stock.

Our motor manufactory(about five thousand three hundred square meters), develops 2Pole/B5 induction motor,Class F、aluminum alloy housing、and least IP54 or over. The induction motors is light in weight, and high efficient. We have automatic production line, handling from winding, inserting, insulating to final testing. With motor performance test equipment, we are able to keep excellent quality and accurately measure the work of motors.

Besides, we established Department of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting in our Factory (about seventeen thousand square meters) . For now, we have 900/800/420/350 ton die casting machine, 1.5/1meter gravity casting and 1.2 meter low pressure casting machine in service for different demands. Plus twenty years experienced in CNC Machining, our maximum diameter is able to reach 1 meter. It can be said that we have comprehensiveness of the die casting manufactory.

Company Profile

Factory Location: Taiwan
Established in: 1972
Capital:USD 3,000,000
Annual Sales:USD 6,000,000
No. of Employee: 60
Business types:
  • OEM Manufacturer
  • ODM Manufacturer
  • North America / South America / Caribbean / West Europe / East Europe / Russia / East Asia / Southeast Asia / Australia / New Zealand / China / Hong Kong

Contact Details

Sales Contact: Ms Alice Chen
Address:No.6-2 QingNian Road, Youth Industrial Park, YangMei Twonship, TaoYung County 32661, Taiwan