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Yang Chen Continues Innovating Newer Technology to Meet Latest Market Demands

Well know brand--YC reached approximately 60% of the market share in Vietnam, Romania and Bulgaria. The company specialized in manufacturing of Carbon Steel Tube Mill, Stainless Steel Tube Mill, Slitting Line, Tube Polishing Machine, Steel Tube & Pipe [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Slitting Line, Stainless Steel Tube Mill, Carbon Steel Tube Mill, Tube Polishing Machine

Eagle Eyes, A True Designer of Your Auto Light.

An outstanding ODM and AM auto light manufacturer with professional design. With twenty-five year experiences, Eagle Eyes's goal is not only provide high quality auto lights but meet customers preferences in auto light design.[ Full Story ]

Main Products: Auto Lamp, Head lamp,Rear lamp, Corner lamp, Park lamp

HoFu's Innovative Designs Appeal to Foreign Markets

Ho Fu has been devoted to the manufacture & distribution of a comprehensive range of high-quality bathroom fixture and accessories to meet customers' needs. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: bathroom fixtures, towel holders, bathroom racks, face towels, stands, tissue boxes/ holders, lavatory brushes, shelves, lid covers, toilet seats, bar accessories , manufacturer wares wire...

"ANKO, A Leader Manufacture with The Best Service"

ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD.is a leader customized food machine manufacturer. As a long established leader in food machine market, ANKO share its know-how to meet customer expectation.[ Full Story ]

Main Products: Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine, Semi-Automatic Spring Roll Production Line, Automatic Shu-Mai Double Production Lin, Automatic layered stuffed paratha line, Pastry Production Line and more.

Pai Lung attends ITMA Munich 2007 with New Technology

Pai Lung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. which is the third largest knitting machine manufacturer in the world. As always bring visitor surprise at the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA), Pai Lung is ready to make another world-recorder achievement for knitting technology this year.[ Full Story ]

Main Products: Single Knit Machine Series, Rib Kint machine Series, Double Knit Machine Series and Terry Kint Machine Series.

Brainchild Advances To Become Human Machine Interface (HMI) Professional

The first Paperless recorder manufacturer in Taiwan. To offer well integrated products to streamline customer's production process, Brainchild is devoted to not only inventing various temperature controllers, but creating the first Paperless recorder. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Operator Interface, Paperless Recorder, Temperature & Process Controllers, Human Machine Interface, Hybrid Recorder, Temperature Controllers, Analog Temperature Controllers, Power Manager and more.

CYH Plastic Plating Continues to Serve in Global Markets

Taiwan plastic plating expert attend 2007 SEMA trade show on October 30th. With forty years experiences, Cherng Yi Hsing (CYH) has been known for its high quality plating services and on-time delivery promise... [ Full Story ]

Main Products: ABS plastic plating, plastic plating, plastic chrome, plating process, Nickel plating, multi-player nickel plating, electroplating, envirochrome.

Chea Hwae Is Now The Recognized Leader In The Universal Joint Design And Manufacturing!

Chea Hwae Enterprise Co., Ltd. which is one of the leading auto parts manufacturer, provides universal joints, Yokes, Flanges, Universal Joint Kit and offers OEM/ODM services. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Universal Joint, Auto Parts, Universal Joint Kit, Steering Coupling & Joint, Traffic Parts and more.