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Reverse Thinking, Source Of Competitiveness!

YBICO seeks potential customers through visiting trade shows instead of attending those fairs. It is well-know manufacturer for one-stop-shopping all type of manual packing tools. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Strapping Tools, Strapping Dispensers, Banding Tools, Tape Dispensers, Film Dispensers, Package Opener and much more.

Driving ahead with quality edge to customers

TAIKI is the epitome of Taiwanese Soft Jaws and Accessories of Power Chuck manufacturing excellence. It has recently set up broaching machine which can broach the best quality of castings and get perfect shapes. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Soft Jaws, Pie Jaws, Full Grip Jaws, Tongue & Groove Soft Top Jaws, Hard Jaws, Jaw Boring Rings, Jaw Boring Fixtures, Jaw T-Nuts, Jaw Nuts and more.

Foremount Tops Out New Building Ready for Next Generation Technology

Important milestone towards March 2007 Equipment Installations!! Driving Quality Foremouting Healthy!Foremount Enterprise Co., Ltd., which began as a small-scale industry just a decade ago in 1992 for the manufacture of medical supplies, is today one of the most sought after brands across Taiwan and abroad. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Medical Supply, Medical Mask, Anaesthesia Mask, Oxygen Mask, CPR Pocket Mask and much more.

No More Pain & enjoyable Gardening Work!

Winland's ergonomics designs garden tools turn uninteresting gardening work fun and easy! Today Winland markets to world wide especially Europe, U.S.A., Austria, Japan and South Africa. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Pruning Shears, Garden Pruner, Garden Scissors, Grass Shears Sharpener, Garden Accessories and more.

Pronix's pet accessories meet European exquisite fashion needs

Who say fashion can't be comfy and humanization?! Pronix R&D team offers a very unique line of Oktant crystal, jewelries, collar pendants and webbing designs. We provide in all sizes and an array of colors products for pets and pets?#8364;™ lovers, which include webbings, harnesses, collars, tags and more. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Pet Collar, Chain, Pet Products, Webbing, Pet Accessory and much more.

Needtek Time Recorder Is The Best Time Manager For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

Needtek Time Recorder is best time manager for small to medium sized businesses. U-Need delivered its well-trained R&D team into an important role while the company has been operating successfully. [ Full Story ]

Main Products: Electronic Time Recorder, Electronic Check Writer, Paper Shredder, Time Stamp, Time Recorder and Accessories.

DAYJIUH Fastens On To High End Furniture Hardware Market.

New ideas demand new products. DAYJIUH Industrial has steadily grown and maintained its edge in the international markets despite growing competitive pressures.
[ Full Story ]

Main Products: Interior hardware, furniture hardware, cabinet pulls & knobs, sofa & cabinet foot series, glass series, stay series, furniture slide series, furniture hinge series, and offer OEM/ODM services.

Manufacture Quality Plastic Plating

Nickel Multi-layer Plating Specialist Since 1986. Nearly 40 years of dedication to quality has enabled CYH to meet the needs and expectations.
[ Full Story ]

Main Products: ABS plastic plating, plastic plating, plastic chrome, plating process, Nickel plating, multi-player nickel plating, electroplating, envirochrome.