"ANKO, Maker of High-End Food Processing Machines, is Now Leading the Taiwan Turnkey-Project Association"



By Natasha Lin 2006/ 09/18

Long established as an industry leader in the food machine industry, ANKO (ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD) continues to strengthen its export competitiveness and seek out new avenues for growth. Along with diversifying, ANKO created new product lines, broadening their focus from Chinese traditional food making machines only to include an international focus on various ethnic food making machines.

More than 80 percent of the food-processing industries, both in Taiwan and worldwide, are among ANKO's customers, including Laurel and Long-Fong Foods. As a leader in the field, the company is also a key member of the Taiwan Turnkey-Project Association. Through this project, ANKO integrates with other suppliers to solve their international communication problems and decrease their shipping costs. On the other hand, ANKO satisfies domestic and international customers’ one-stop shopping needs. The company has experience customizing their machines to match particular food market demands. ANKO can show members how to choose the right equipment and install that equipment in the right places, analyze, design and rebuild factories, and even develop marketing plans.

“We are not only selling machines, but also services. We do believe our success relies on our customers' success,” said ANKO Chairman Mr. Robert Ou-Young. For this reason, ANKO pays great attention to making their customers’ successful; it provides excellent quality, fast, responsive customer service, tailor-made machines to suite each individual customer and reasonable prices.

“Market analysis is the only way to follow market trends. Therefore supermarkets are the first place that I would visit, followed by food factories, each time I go overseas,” said Ou-Young. For many years, ANKO has taken part in international trade shows, such as the IBA 2006. Now the company is well known in Europe as a leading manufacturer of food making machines. All products from ANKO conform to standard product directives, such as ISO 9001, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), CE and USDA standards.

The reason most people prefer hand made finger foods is because, after a long time, old-fashioned machines would cause food to lose pastry elasticity and introduce changes to the real taste of fillings. However, ANKO has special designs for all its food making machines that make finger foods taste just like hand-made.

The following is ANKO’s top five most popular products:

Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine (HLT-700)

The HLT series is ANKO’s best-selling product. Adjustable speeds and high capacity production are two of the features making this series superior to traditional food making machines. It can fill pastries with hand made fillings, such as samosa and apple pie filling, and is especially good at handling a chunk of shrimp. Moreover, the unique cooling system design ensures the dough pipe does not get progressively warmer after a long period of operation. The HLT series can make various patterns and sizes of choice by simply changing the forming molds.

Semi-Automatic Spring Roll & Samosa Production Line SRPF Series (SRPF)

The SRPF series machines are composed of a stuffing machine, a batter storing, cooling & resting tank and a batter mixer. They are perfect for use in producing line-style foods. In addition to making spring rolls and samosas, users may create new snacks or finger foods with this series. It is possible to change pastry sheet thickness from 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm. Various stuffings can also be used, including pork, seafood, beef and vegetable. With its exclusive design, this heavyweight machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain.

Automatic Double Line Shu-Mai Machine (HSM-600)

The automatic double line shu-mai machine can produce an output of more than 5,000 items per hour. It helps reduce both labor costs and production time. From mixing to forming, this automatic machine is designed to facilitate production flow at one go. This machine features an advanced design for all parts contacting with food and electronic components. It's made of food grade stainless steel and exceeds international standards.

Automatic layered & stuffed paratha Production line (LP-3000)

Nowadays, traditional India paratha is very popular all around the world, especially in Western countries. The taste and quality of paratha is affected by its layers. Most food machines can only produce only 3-4 layers. With its advanced design, the LP-3000 series makes different flavors of stuffed paratha and pastries. This production line could produce up to 64 layers and wraps various stuffing automatically.

Automatic Batter & Crumb Breading Production Line (BBCB)

In the past, breading could only be produced by hand. Machines making breaded food were not easy to clean. Now, the BBCB series breaks tradition by using an ingenious design that assembles without using any tools. It is easy to operate and clean. This machine has a special design for supporting additional equipment, such as adjustable leg length or places for a dust shelter and vibrators.


CEO : Robert Ou-young

1978 -Automatic Seed Sprouters
1985 -Manufactured Chinese Snack Food Marchines
1990 -Specialized Manufactured multi-ethnic food machines

Motto: Continue innovating and developing. ANKO is as proud as a peacock when our customers have succeeded

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There are other products also provide by Anko, such as multipurpose filling and forming machines, automatic encrusting and forming machines, automatic spring roll pastry and samosa pastry machines, automatic shu mai making machines, double line machines, automatic encrusting and forming machines, semi automatic spring roll and samosa machines. For more information, please visit ANKO's web site: /tami/anko , or e-Mail: anko@anko.com.tw

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