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By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2007/08/24

filling & forming machineOccupying eighty percent of ethnic food machine market share in Taiwan, ANKO believes its customer service is a vital advantage to meet the challenge from China and Japan. For developing new market, ANKO has established well reputation and reliability in providing advanced technology, machine testing with free charge, and quick reply for customer requests. It never stop improving and training itself to the best, ANKO Chairman Robert Ou-Young set a good example with his own.

"Facing the competition, customized service is our advantage" said ANKO Chairman Mr. Robert Ou-Young in confidence, just came back from Shanghai after observed the huge development in market. He regards customization is ANKO key competitive edge to stand as an food machine industrial leader in so many years.

ANKO was established in 1978 as a seed sprouters manufacturer initially. To meet different market demands, it transformed to a food machine manufacturer and diversifies its range from Chinese food to wide range ethic food making machines. All products are ninety percent exported to ninety-five countries include China, India, Brazil, Russia, USA, France, UK, Germany, Holland, and Middle-East etc. ANKO products have reached eighty percent in Taiwan ethnic food machine market share. “We expect our goal of one hundred countries will achieve in this year.” said Ou-Young.

The machine with high profit potential will be well-invented as promise

According to recipes, raw materials and process information fully advised by customers, ANKO creates a prototype machine accords with traditional process for field test. If the finished products could not meet customer’s expectation, ANKO would take responsibility for all risk and expense.

pastry production line Hardworking market researcher and learner

"Market research is a key point for new customer development." Ou-Young said. Most local manufacturers are not as much as interested in analysis because of language barrier and lacking method. With twenty years experiences, Ou-Young is a hardworking researcher in doing survey oversea, “supermarket is always the first place I would visit, then meeting the best selling food supplier facilitates understanding of market demands.”

In an effort to maximize professional knowledge, he also keeps information exchanged with academic such as Graduate Institute of Food Science. “Our information is more complete and updated than others,” Ou-Young proudly said. On the other hands, ANKO regular employee training is oriented towards increasing the quality of technology and service, therefore even worldwide agents and dealers are able to do maintenance for customers.

Great brand image brings customers

ANKO participate in more than 15 international trade shows per year, such as IBA, ANUGA Foodtech in Germany, IPA in France, Foodma in Japan, NRA in American and Foodtech in Taiwan, etc. Ou-Young said “we would feel lucky if receiving a new contract in trade show because we more focus on brand building rather then selling.” He believes successful brand awareness can reach the potential customer and building long-term customer loyalty. Consequently, ANKO has become a well-known food machine company in Europe and India. It also has agents in eighteen countries and over twenty countries dealership up to present.

Quick responding

“One single email and fax can be replied in one day.”Ou-Young said it as first principle of customer service. In providing specific information, ANKO product catalog is well-illustrated with color images and instruction, as well as, video introduction and monthly e-paper delivery.

Good customer relationship

Running over twenty years, ANKO has won customers' trust. “We were disappointed when an Indian company didn't choose us in the first place. Couple months later, they couldn't reach their supplier to fix machines and turned to our help. We sent our technicians immediately, the company became one of our old customers since then.”

puff pastry

ANKO expands its business to bakery and pastry making machines,

the function of machines is improved to produce one hundred layers

of dough without ruining flexibility and home-made texture of puff pastry.

They are excellent for Puff Pastry, Empanada, Paratha, Samosa, Pizza and Puff Pastry Bake making.

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ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD is leading of Taiwanese manufacturer for all kind of food making machines, such as, automatic forming machine, automatic spring roll pastry and samosa pastry machine, semi automatic spring roll machine and more. ANKO also offers ODM and Turn-Key Project Services.

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