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Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. (CYH)

By Natasha Lin 2006/12/22

Nickel Multi-layer Plating Specialist Since 1986. Nearly 40 years of dedication to quality has enabled CYH to meet the needs and expectations.

Current global trend is toward environmental concerns and market pressures, the plastic plating industry is striving to reduce or eliminate certain elements and compounds. "GREEN" products are response to legislation in developed countries, such as RoHS in the UK. This drive to adopt "GREEN" products is especially strong in the end user market.

Founded in 1969, Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd (CYH) is one of the largest plastic plating factories in Taiwan. CYH's goal is to provide a "TURN-KEY" operation, together with electroplating molding, injection and a sub-contact plating service to compliment finished products. Nearly 40 years' expertise of dedication to Plating on Plastic (POP) industry has enabled CYH offering the best quality and completive prices to the customers' needs and expectations.

"As long as you provide plastic moldings or plating samples, CYH could produce high quality and delivery finished products to you on time," CYH General Manager Yen Ching, Wang said.

"For CYH, the search for excellence both industrially and in terms of quality is a major daily concern."

In order to pursue the superior productivity, CYH first introduced multi-layers Nickel process and upgrade automatic electroplating equipments, in 1986. The following two decades endeavored to improve Plating onto Plastic expert systems as processed plastic injection, molding design, ABS plastic plating, ABS + PC plastic plating, and flame-retardant ABS plastic plating. In addition, CYH expended this unique service to various industries including Automotive Parts and Bathroom Equipments.

This diversification started in 1994 and has progressively grown into an important part of CYH's business. The company extended its second and third chrome plating factories to offer better plating facility and high volume production. The facility offers the latest plating technology including Four-layer Nickel plating and meets the latest automotive specifications.

In order to serve its customers better, CYH has set up a Standard Processing Program according to the ISO 9001:2000 norm. Furthermore, the company has arranged various Quality Inspections, such as Plating Thickness Measurement Test, CASS Resist Test, Thermal Cycle Test and Microscope and Pore Count Check.

Through these two quality assurance, CYH has adopted an approach of TOTAL QUALITY ASSURANCE and in this way responds to deliver the market's high demands within short time.

"Thanks to the automatic electroplating equipment and three POP electroplating lines enabled to offer full range of electroplating," Wang said. "We believe CYH is your partner for plating on plastic."

With these three POP electroplating lines CYH is capable of plating large formed components (maximum 320cm in length). These lines have also enable CYH to offer high volume production of smaller injection molded components resulting in the meeting of a wider range of customer requirements.

CHY's facilities are now extensive and can offer the following range of finishes listed together with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications: automotive parts, automotive decorative boards, bumper, lampshade, radiator front decorative boards, rear view mirrors, rims, motorcycle parts, bathroom equipments and accessories.

Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd (CYH)

GM : Mr. Y.C. Wang
Website: | /plastic/cyh/supplier.html

2005 - Third POP electroplating line
1994 - Second POP electroplating line
1986 - Multi-Layer Nickel Process
- Automatic electroplating equipment
1979 - Plastic Injection & Molding Equipments
1969 - First POP electroplating line

Motto: Best Quality! Lowest Price! Fastest Delivery! Excellenty Assurance!

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