JAAN-HUEI High Flow Pump Stays Ahead Of The Competition


By Natasha Lin 2007/05/10

JAAN-HUEI (official name: JAAN-HUEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.) is once again making magic to the hand rotary pumps. Recently, it announced High Flow Pump RP32 series which awards a unique world patent. This versatile drum pump delivers highest discharge in the market. Its extension of outfall enable the RP32 series to delivery one liter every rotation, as well as, gives a perfect result of 70 liters per minute.

Staying ahead of the competition, JAAN-HUEI made a breakthrough in Plastic Rotary Pump (RP90P series) twenty years ago marking a milestone in the manual hand pump industry. It succeeded in developing the first complete plastic material applied to pumps. Meanwhile, this Plastic Rotary Pump awards the first and unique world wide patents. This new innovation enable pumps apply to wide range of chemical solvents while the a metal pumps unable to against corrode.

The Lever Action Drum Pump (R490S and R490ST) is one of the JAAN-HUEI's top sale products made of Ryton and Teflon, which is the advance level of the series of P490. They commonly applied to dispensing or transferring corrosive solvents and petroleum base fluids, such as strong acid, strong alkaline, nitric acid, diesel, kerosene, machine oil and more. The series R490S and R490ST are ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial, automotive, food industrial and agricultural applications.

"If you look at our history, what has kept us ahead is the number of first we have created” said JAAN-HUEI's President Tom Chen. Yes it was. JAAN-HUEI has leading the field since it was established two decades ago in Taichung. The company provides professional High Flow Pump, Lever Action Drum Pump, Plastic Rotary Pump, Metal Rotary Pump and Water Pump and more, which are able to handle rigorous use. After many years strove in the field, JANN-HUEI owns two well-know brands JING (R490S, R490ST, T490S, P490 and P490S) and CASH (RP90P and RP150P) in the market to develop marketing strategies and customer loyalty.

Some competitors enter the field and start the price war. However, they are hardly to provide better quality regarding to its high costs. "The mass of public opinion low price equals to low quality. What if low price means high quality?” said Mr Tom. JAAN-HUEI has built good long relationship with supply chain, which from suppliers of raw materials to adding values. So that, the company is ability to make costs low and ensure quality high.

Additionally, JAAN-HUEI consider about end users benefit all the time. "As most customers use pumps to apply chemical solvents. It may cause a serious consequence if there is an unknown rift. In order that, we insist on using better, thickness and hardness materials” said Mr Tom. JAAN-HUEI as customers is a trusty company and provides safety products. Therefore, customers are willing to build up long-term relationship.

JAAN-HUEI demonstrates its professional in the field. Its employees' turnover rate remain low and highly trained skillful R&D engineers possess with the industrial know-how. The team announced new products with better functions and higher quality an average of every two years. "Our youngest skillful staff has already worked with JAAN-HUEI for eight years” Tom said proudly.

We manufacturer and export various kinds of professional manual hand pumps, tools and hardware products. With more than 20 years' experience in developing, manufacturing and exporting hand pumps we market to North America, Germany and Japan.

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